Reconyx Trail Camera Review – RC60

Recently I was in the market for a new digital scouting camera and after much research and browsing many reviews I came to the conclusion that the Reconyx line seemed to have the features that I was looking for in a game camera. I have used dozens of different brands/models of game cameras and each one seemed to have a flaw or just performed poorly but the Reconyx reviews were great through every aspect. Trigger Speed, Photo Quality, Battery Life, Theft Prevention, ect… it was at the top of each category. I finally decided to purchase a Reconyx RC60 and I must say that everything that I read was true.

This unit is packed with features that take this from being just another camera to a top notch scouting tool. The unit boasts a trigger speed of 1/5th of a second along with a battery life of 10,000-15,000 photos with standard C-Cell batteries. The unit can be locked to a tree with a Phython Cable Lock (not included) that can be fed through slots on the side of the unit, around the front of the camera cover, and locked behind the tree. This means that not only is the camera secured to the tree but the case cant be opened until the lock is removed. The unit also prints a “user label”, temperature, moon phase, time, and date on each photo along with the Reconyx logo. Every aspect of the unit was well thought-out and designed with performance in mind.

Upon opening the packaging the first thing that you notice is the superior construction of the unit. From the instance I pulled the unit out of the package I could tell that this wasnt just another game camera, this was a serious scouting tool . I scanned the unit over looking for any noticeable gaps around the sensor and camera lens that could possible allow condensation to get into the electronics, which there were none. I then removed the cameras cover and inspected the seal and gasket to make sure that it was waterproof. I found the gasket to be one of the better ones on the market and the cover had the most tight seal of any unit that I have had/used. The next thing that caught my eye was just how easy the batteries and memory card were to access. I had a major issue with the placement of the memory card slot on my previous two cameras as I had to carry tweezers into the woods in order to remove the memory card. The Reconyx has one of the better set-ups and allows you to easily replace batteries and memory cards without having to take an extra tool into the field. The Reconyx battery retention system is another small detail that is often overlooked but is crucial. Two of the previous game cameras that I have owned had battery retention designs that would cause the camera to loose power and shut off . The Reconyx systems leaves only two of the six batteries exposed and they have a snug fit that will ensure the unit doesnt loose power.

The unit also comes with BuckView mapping and image management software as well as a nice Reconyx decal. I inserted the BuckView c.d. into my computer and downloaded the program. After playing around with the software I realized just how helpful it would be. The software allows you to insert aerial photos or topographic maps of your hunting land and you can then set camera markers for each location that you have your unit placed at. You can then download photos from each specific area into its marker that way you know exactly where each photos were taken. This is going to be another valuable tool in trying to pattern certain deer throughout your property.

After glancing through the instruction manual I decided that I would set the unit up and do some testing. While it definetly isnt the easiest unit to set-up it wasnt as bad as I had figured. I was able to get all of my settings in as well as putting in my user label and code. I inserted my memory card and started the unit up. I shut the lights off to see if the claims of the covert IR flash were true. I waited a few seconds and figured that I must have set it up wrong as I didnt see any glow and never heard any noise from the unit. I remove the cover and noticed that the unit had already snapped more than a dozen photos of me. I was very pleased to see that the claims of “Covert IR Flash” were true and I was even more pleased to find out that the unit is entirely silent. Some of the other IR game cameras that I have used have made a very noticeable noise when taking IR photos, this unit is silent.

After my testing it was time for the real test. I grabbed my gear, packed up the camera and headed into the woods. After searching for a good location I came across a nice travel route between a thick bedding area and a field that the deer had been feeding in. I picked out the perfect tree and attached the unit to the tree with the supplied adjustable bungee cord and set the unit to “Walktest Mode”. I was happy to see that the unit had a great detection zone and would really pick up on any movement even at a long range. I armed the camera and attached my Python Cable lock (a must if you purchase this unit). I really didnt expect to have alot of activity in this area but I figured that it would be a great place to test the unit out. After two days I returned to check the camera and found that it had taken 197 photos and the battery life was still around 97%. After loading the photos to my computer I found that the unit didnt take a single false picture and the rapidfire mode was capturing pictures every 1-2 seconds. The photo quality is very good but night photos are a little dark due to the IR flash being covert. I should mention that I had the unit set for “best quality” night photos and this helps cut the flash range down as well. I have since switched to the night mode to “max range” and it has helped brighten the photos. Even in “best quality” mode, it was simple to just brighten them slightly with photo editing software to see what was in the background.

I couldnt be more pleased with this camera. It has performed perfectly for me in some harsh conditions. I can say without any doubt that this is by far the best game camera that I have ever used, it excels in every important aspect and I will be adding another to my collection.


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