How to learn to retouch

I am often asked to teach Photoshop. Not so long ago I had a dialogue with a man who asked me to teach him how to process photos in Photoshop. After thinking a little, I agreed to teach him, specifying how much time he can devote to this. His answer struck me – he wanted to learn Photoshop in two days!
Yes, two days is enough only to learn the tools, remember the name and location of the right buttons and tools.

When retouching skin, you need: edit the entire shape and color, the pores of the skin, get rid of excess hairs and imperfections – while maintaining skin naturalness. Can it be done independently? It definitely can! In order to do this, you need to have sufficient free time, knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and a graphics tablet.


If you click on the link above, you will see that they have just 11 tutorials on skin retouching. To perform only one lesson, it takes about half an hour and is suitable for beginners. The methods which professionals and Photza Studio use when processing clients’ photos are much more complicated and skin retouching can take a whole day.

Therefore, before you start learning Photoshop, make sure that you have enough time for practice. At first, you may have fear that it will not work. You need to learn a lot of new terms, and not everything turns out at once. Only patience and constant training will help here. It helped me that I set out to restore the archive of old college time photos, old photos of my parents. I have been edited them almost every day for 2-3 months. In the first week I had a desire to quit everything, but then gradually my actions reached automaticity. I recovered about 250 photos.
And after that everything went much easier. There was an interest in collages, different effects. The main thing is to acquire the initial skills and understand the essence of working with layers.

As the examples, I posted a couple of restored photos.

Photo 1 and 2. Graduation group of medical School of my aunt in the 50-ies. It is obvious that the pros will notice the drawbacks on it, and so you do, if you look closely. In the right corner, where the photo is simply ripped off, I had to restore the checkered sleeve. I did not have enough patience to restore this drawing completely without blots. But as a whole it turned out quite well.

For beginning retouchers I recommend digest of excellent lessons:

And lastly an excellent site for retouchers:


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