About Us

This web site began in January 2015, as part of the growing expansion of the MotionXL network, with the emphasis on centralizing tutorials regarding the use of Adobe Photoshop. Our mission is to become the Internet’s first port of call for individuals looking for information or material to make greater use of their design application.

We will continuously improve functions and features to ensure we align our objectives with the needs of the end-user. The implementation of ratings and reviews is a step towards this direction, but is only one of many steps. We truly want to be a user-oriented site where your opinions are crucial to our success.

We understand Adobe Photoshop is a extensive tool with a great number of features, and that graphics design and manipulation is a complex process. Thus, we have structured our content to into categories which reflect the major areas where Photoshop is being utilized. Our goal is to ensure users seek what they want – quickly and frustration-free!