How to learn to retouch

I am often asked to teach Photoshop. Not so long ago I had a dialogue with a man who asked me to teach him how to process photos in Photoshop. After thinking a little, I agreed to teach him, specifying how much time he can devote to this. His answer struck me – he wanted to learn Photoshop in two days!
Yes, two days is enough only to learn the tools, remember the name and location of the right buttons and tools.

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Reconyx Trail Camera Review – RC60

Recently I was in the market for a new digital scouting camera and after much research and browsing many reviews I came to the conclusion that the Reconyx line seemed to have the features that I was looking for in a game camera. I have used dozens of different brands/models of game cameras and each one seemed to have a flaw or just performed poorly but the Reconyx reviews were great through every aspect. Trigger Speed, Photo Quality, Battery Life, Theft Prevention, ect… it was at the top of each category. I finally decided to purchase a Reconyx RC60 and I must say that everything that I read was true.

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Windows Vista Orb


Colorful Vista Orb

This tutorial will focus directly on creating Windows Vista looking orbs. Also, the PSD source file can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure.

Create new image 300 x 300 pixels with a white background.

Create a new layer by clicking Layer > New > Layer or Shift+Ctrl+N
Give the layer a name, preferably something meaningful E.g. Circle or Orb.

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